About us

Founded by Nick Bernard and Brenda Lardner in 2003, Easy Tiger Creative is an interpretative / creative design agency with particular expertise in telling stories through design. Our main focus is the provision of audience-targeted, multi-platform solutions across heritage, cultural and commercial sectors.

One of our core skills is listening to, and understanding our clients’ needs, their themes and messages and then transforming these into coherent design solutions. We invest time into the creative process, developing exciting and fresh ideas that resonate with our clients’ target audience groups.

We believe that visitor experiences should be enjoyable and engaging and we will always present ideas that are inventive. This approach is clear within our portfolio.

We celebrate the diversity of humanity and through our creative processes we work hard to ensure that our designs are inclusive and accessible by as wide a range of society as possible.

Our offer

With both 3D and graphic capability we take complete creative overview of the projects we work on. Taking a project from concept through to implementation in partnership with the client team and other stakeholders and production partners.

Our offer includes delivering creative and effective solutions for: new museum creation, temporary and permanent exhibitions, interpretation plans, interactives, multimedia, education materials, brand creation and development, marketing, retail – environments, packaging and product development.